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Real Estate Development – Canada

Property Management

In order to ensure that our real estate investment performs well while remaining logical and secure, MB Groupe Canada ensures the management of our real estate investment. Knowing that it is in expert hands, we will benefit from peace of mind and the assurance that everything will be done to maximize our profitability. MB Groupe Canada, in fact, provides all the services required to maintain and manage a property.

Administrative management

  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Insurance
  • Financial analysis
  • Municipal assessment challenges
  • Operating budget

Physical management

  • Inspection
  • Security services
  • Parking management
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance


  • Strategic analysis
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Graphic design and signage

Real Estate Development

Enhancing a site is a major challenge that MB Groupe Canada has often taken on in the past. The reorganization of an existing space, as well as the construction of a new residential or mixed-use complex, requires the contribution of many professionals. The combined efforts of our stakeholders will generate significant added value for our development. Our strategy, which has been implemented many times, is based on the following key areas

The site

MB Groupe Canada knows how to recognize the true potential and optimal vocation of a site.

The concept

On the basis of its past innovations, MB Groupe Canada develops a commercial concept that generates the desired traffic.

The tenants

In order to attract a maximum number of customers or to secure our investment, MB Groupe Canada has the know-how to recruit the ideal tenant mix.

The construction

MB Groupe Canada takes care of the management of the works ensuring the erection of a quality property development.


MB Groupe Canada provides the capital required for the acquisition and implementation of all its current and future projects at the best market conditions.

Advisory services

Real estate can be a complex and limitless universe. MB Groupe Canada offers a range of professional services to ensure the success of the project.

  • Analysis of real estate needs
  • Search for value-added land
  • Land purchase process
  • Building acquisition (land and building)
  • Negotiation of a purchase offer
  • Land development planning
  • Costing for development projects
  • maximize the use of a building
  • Lease negotiations (commercial, office, industrial)
  • Information for a sale and lease back transaction
  • Information on rental market rates
  • Information on geographical markets
  • Analysis of municipal regulations (zoning, siting standards, etc.)
  • Financial evaluation of a property
  • Exercising mortgage rights
  • Financing transactions
  • Tax management.
Real estate development Canada

« Lease Transfer Service »

This real estate transaction, which is increasingly popular for all types of businesses, involves selling your building to us at a set price in exchange for signing a long-term lease. The advantage of this type of transaction is that, for your company, the true value of your property lies in its “use” rather than in its “ownership”.

Once the property is part of our portfolio, we take over the entire management and maintenance of the property. While continuing to occupy the premises, we know the value of the transaction, which can offer you multiple benefits, including:

  • Investment in the company (R&D, purchase of equipment, etc.);
  • Strengthening our balance sheet;
  • Increasing our solvency;
  • Decrease in our debt or restructuring of debts;
  • Preserving our bank credit;
  • Settlement of our business assets;
  • Increase our rental flexibility.
  • Unlock the value of our real estate.

Over the past decade, commercial real estate values have appreciated sharply, leaving many companies with assets on their balance sheet that do not represent the full value of their holdings. Because MB Groupe Canada owns the properties in which we operate, you may have equity that could be better invested in your operations. This equity can help us invest in growth, sustain our business during difficult times or help us meet other financial obligations.

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