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About MB Groupe Canada

Ever since its inception, MB Groupe Canada has acquired a wealth of experience and a reputation as a promoter and contractor of multi-dwelling units under construction. We master the various aspects by working in close collaboration with architectural and engineering firms and we do our own project management and construction management in steel, wood, concrete and/or mixed-use buildings.

We are experts in both innovative design and complex problem solving and cost optimization. MB Groupe Canada is regularly consulted by its promoter and contractor partners, as well as colleagues who are faced with architectural and structural challenges. Numerous large-scale projects have been completed successfully thanks to the company’s know-how and expertise, as well as its capacity to interact with our collaborators.

MB Groupe Canada is known for offering professional turnkey services with a fixed price design build, which will adequately meet the requirements and expectations of our market. Our firm, MB Groupe Canada, rigorously applies the schedules and costs while respecting applicable industry standards. MB Groupe Canada is a member of the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, a member of the Construction Association of Canada and others.

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de MB Groupe Canada

The philosophy of MB Groupe Canada is to address the characteristic elements of buildings under construction by integrating new concepts in market evaluation, architecture, engineering, project management and construction; in order to ease our clients through all the difficulties and obstacles of the project’s evolution as well as to beautify and optimize the surrounding and innovative environment.

MB Groupe Canada is unique among our competitors in that it allows its team of professionals to treat each problem individually and to create integrated solutions in distinct engineering design that combine the know-how and interpersonal skills with new technology.

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Fixed Cost

MB Groupe Canada approach to new building construction is to use the contractual form. We assemble a team of professionals composed of our loyal partners in accordance with the expertise required of everyone. The goal is to deliver a project that meets the expectations of the real estate market and to complete the project on time. MB Groupe Canada becomes the promoter’s spokesperson from the beginning of the project all the way through to the end of the project (see the project flow chart by category and activity), we work as follows:

The pre-construction stages are crucial and important to us, as the decisions made at this stage most affect the deliverables and costs of the project. We therefore work in partnership with our seasoned professionals right from the outset.

Our architectural designers and our civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and energy efficiency engineers, the project manager, the cost estimator: E.C.C. and/or É. C.A. certified, as well as a construction manager, are there to help us understand the expectations before, during and after the construction of the project.

Obviously, our fluid communication with our professionals throughout the project is done step by step according to the schedule and the trades that allow us to adjust to the changes required along the way and to skillfully meet their objectives and goals according to the logical framework of the project for a better cost/quality, using the B.I.M. program throughout the project.

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Plans and Specifications

MB Groupe Canada selects a contractor through a rigorous bidding process. When we select a contractor for this type of project, we invite the contractor’s management to explain their understanding of their role and responsibilities in the fixed cost project. We make sure to validate these aspects and to clarify the demands of the partners from the outset and each of the requirements according to the legal, management and technical aspects of the project.

MB Groupe Canada supervises the work as well as the contractor’s subcontractors in order to verify the conformity of the deliverables and materials to the plans and specifications transmitted by the construction manager. We ensure the quality control of the finished works in order to issue the certificate of completion of the work. Construction input in engineering and project and construction management in this type of contract is highly valued. With our extensive expertise in this type of contract, the contractor understands and shares the overview of the project with the manager. Although this may be beyond the contractor’s original mandate, he is an ally in helping the existing manager find creative solutions to the problems he faces.


The Project – Economies of Scale

There are several new ways to achieve economies of scale in a construction project. Among the many ways to reduce operating or project costs, MB Groupe Canada uses five (5) points that require little effort for maximum benefit. These five (5) points are:

1. Pre-coordination and prefabrication

Prefabrication is becoming more and more common for a majority of building elements. From the outer shell to the inner systems, great savings can be made. However, the elements to be prefabricated and the disciplines to be addressed must be targeted early in the project. In addition to prefabrication, there are other ways to maintain the original schedule, such as pre-ordering or pre-purchasing equipment and materials critical to the project.

2. Revisiting the Design, Coordination and Construction Schedule

BIM project best practices can reduce construction time and accelerate delivery of housing units. This can be achieved through excellent planning, supporting the execution of the design phase, which in turn enables day one construction to proceed. After realigning the initial schedule to a BIM project implementation, a large number of working days can be saved for the construction period.

3. Involve Subcontractors and Manufacturers Earlier

A major gain can be made in involving key project stakeholders as early as the design phase. A BIM project that wants to accurately represent the work to be built has much to gain from the input of major subcontractors and some manufacturers.

In Quebec, construction methods are, under the Civil Code, the responsibility of the contractors who perform part of the work. In this regard, if the subcontractors are not at the table early in the process, the expected duration of coordination between subcontractors could be greatly underestimated. This could potentially delay the start of construction on schedule.

4. 3D Scanning and Construction Surveying to Increase Quality

3D scanning and construction surveying can be used to confirm the volumes, areas and positioning of all elements of a building, from the bottom of the excavation to the closing of walls and ceilings. This now essential tool on a building site can bring its share of benefits, or headaches for the uninitiated.

5. 3D Scanning to Reduce Professional Supervision Costs

A contractor or professional is responsible for the work they have directed or supervised. Specifically with respect to supervision, there is no less protection for the partner whether the professionals provide "in residence" or "partial" site supervision services. In both cases, the professionals certify that 100% of the work is in compliance, with the exception of "spot" monitoring.

A new technology allows 3D scanning of all site components at the most critical milestones of a project. With 3D scanning technology, the number of visits by professionals during the monitoring period can be reduced or eliminated.

FIGURE 1 – Bim Project Delivery Method and Links

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THE PROJECT – A Digital Worksite

MB Groupe Canada is starting its stewardship project in the right direction by submitting a bid in a project delivery mode suitable for the delivery of a BIM project, namely the Construction Stewardship mode (services and construction). An overview of the contractual and supervisory relationships is shown in Figure 4.

In the context of the implementation of a project in Construction Management (services and construction), the organization has the dual role of ‘advisor’ and ‘promoter/contractor’. The collaboration with MB Groupe Canada for digital project management is therefore very meaningful.

PROJECT – List of Services

Within the framework of this mandate, MB Groupe Canada proposes, but is not limited to, the following list of services:

1. Pre-construction

1.1 General Services

(1) Managing Director: Manage and negotiate the price for the acquisition of the BIM360 cloud platform (intellectual property of the project at the client, 3 to 5 licenses).

(2) Setting up the IT infrastructure for the project team’s collaborative work (excluding hardware and software licensing costs).

(3) Attend regular project meetings with the client, the professional and the construction manager.

(4) Supervise and collaborate with the client, professional and construction manager and specialist contractors in the management of the construction via digital media, document management and all technological aspects centralized in one place (with confidentiality criteria, depending on access modes);

(5) Chairing and taking minutes of 3D pre-coordination meetings with the client, the professional and the contractor.

(6) Perform interference detection between digital models and follow up their resolution with the professional and the contractor.

(7) Execute the drafting of the Management Plan (BIM, concept) and BIM Execution Plan (PEB, construction) documents;

(8) Draft the project documentation (BIM Management Plan, BIM Execution Plan) and integrate the functional and technical program specifications and/or the master plan for asset maintenance.

1.2 Professional Services Contract Award Phase

1.2.1 Procurement

(1) Develop or review methods of soliciting bids, addenda to the professional and contractor.

(2) Prepare pre-qualification criteria for the professional and contractor as required by the client.

(3) Ensuring that all tender documents are complete and coordinating them for competitive bidding for the work to be performed by the professionals and contractors.

(4) Accompanying the client’s construction team.

(5) Quality control of 3D-BIM models and application of technical documentation requirements.

(6) Supporting the professionals in optimizing the value of the project.

(7) Follow-up of the pre-coordination of professionals and follow-up of the design schedule.

(8) Drafting and follow-up of design interference detection reports.

(9) Control and update of construction costs.

1.3 Pre-Conceptual Design Phase

1.3.1 Constructability

(1) Assist in relationships and coordination with professionals and contractors on the document management platform.

(2) Review the program and, at the end of the pre-conceptual design phase, make recommendations to the client, professional and contractor on digital constructability and ensure 3D pre-coordination with professionals.

1.3.2 Estimating – 5D

(1) Confirm or prepare a Class D or other construction cost estimate.

(2) Review project costs and prepare/update report.

1.3.3 Schedule – 4D

(1) Confirm the overall preliminary project schedule.

(2) Prepare a preliminary digital construction schedule for the project.

1.4 Project Outline Phase

1.4.1 Constructability

(1) Confirm the general preliminary project schedule.

(2) Advise on work organization and possible improvements, digital configuration of materials, assembly systems and equipment, make recommendations on the feasibility of digital construction, and labour, time required for 3D pre-coordination and design, and factors relating to digital alternatives and possible cost savings.

(3) Review the program and drawings and, at the end of the project outline phase, make recommendations to the owner, professional and contractor regarding digital constructability and ensure 3D pre-coordination with the professionals.

1.4.2 Estimation – 5D

(1) Confirm the owner’s, professional’s or contractor’s Class C construction cost estimate at the end of the sketch phase.

(2) Prepare a Class C construction cost estimate at the end of the sketch phase.

1.4.3 Schedule – 4D

(1) Confirm the preliminary project schedule.

(2) Prepare, in consultation with the Professional and the Owner, a preliminary digital construction schedule for the Owner’s review. This schedule should reflect the sequence and timing of the necessary basic program decisions, including the anticipated timing of the preliminary phase, approval period, preparation of construction documents, tendering, subsequent evaluation of bids received, award of contracts to trade contractors, construction and the anticipated date of substantial completion of the work.

1.5 Preliminary Project Phase

1.5.1 Constructability

(1) Make recommendations to the Owner, the Professional and the Contractor regarding the scope of work documents and the work to be performed by the Digital Project Manager’s staff, to facilitate the subsequent tendering and contracting of subcontractors and suppliers.

(2) Review specifications, plans and shop drawings and, at the end of the preliminary project phase, make recommendations to the Owner, Professional and Contractor regarding digital constructability and ensure pre-coordination with the Professionals and/or Subcontractors.

1.5.2 Estimate – 5D

(1) Confirm the owner’s, professional’s or contractor’s Class B construction cost estimate at the end of the preliminary design phase.

(2) Prepare a Class B construction cost estimate at the end of the preliminary project phase.

1.6 Preliminary Project Phase

1.6.1 Constructability

(1) Make recommendations to the Owner, Professional and Contractor regarding the scope of work and work documents to be performed by the Project Manager’s staff to facilitate the subsequent tendering and contracting of subcontractors and suppliers.

(2) Review specifications and drawings and, at the end of the preliminary project phase, make recommendations to the Owner, Professional and Contractor as to numerical constructability and ensure pre-coordination with Professionals and/or Subcontractors.

1.6.2 Estimate – 5D

(1) Confirm the owner’s, professional’s or contractor’s Class A construction cost estimate at the end of the final project phase.

(2) Update the Class B construction cost estimate at defined stages of completion of the construction documents.

(3) Prepare a Class A construction cost estimate at the end of the final project phase.

1.6.3 Schedule – 4D

(1) Review the construction schedule and update it with appropriate information.

1.6.4 Other Services

(1) Make recommendations to the Owner regarding equipment or materials that need to be ordered in advance to meet the project schedule;

(2) Make recommendations to the Employer regarding detailed design professional services that need to be ordered in advance to meet the project schedule.

1.7 Construction Contract Award Phase

1.7.1 Schedule

(1) Review the construction schedule and update it with appropriate information for the progress of the project.

1.7.2 Procurement

(1) Review methods of soliciting bids from subcontractors and distributing addenda.

(2) Make recommendations to the Owner, the Professional and the Contractor on the criteria for pre-qualification of subcontractors and suppliers as required by the Owner.

(3) Assist the Contractor in ensuring that all tender documents are complete and accurate.

2. Construction

2.1 General Services

(1) Chair and record construction meetings with the Owner and the Professional.

(2) Issue interference detections between digital models and follow up on their resolution with the contractor.

(3) Review plans and make recommendations to the contractor for clarity, consistency, constructability and 3D coordination between subcontractors.

3. Post-Construction

3.1 General Services

(1) Prepare final construction cost report;

(2) Preparing the final report on the compliance with the execution plan requirements (BIM).

(3) Preparation of the final digital mock-ups to the client for operation and maintenance.


The values of the MB Groupe Canada are shared by all its staff. The solutions developed to measure for each project respect both the real needs and the budgetary constraints. The company always achieves the greatest gain with a moderate effort through its innovative approach to problems analysed before, during and after construction.

The efficiency of the processes and work methods is enabled by the proper use of the data acquired by the contractors. Lastly, agile collaboration and simplified communication between stakeholders are the guarantee of excellence for the success of our projects.

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Corporate Governance MB Groupe Canada

MB Groupe Canada is committed to maintaining high standards of governance and ethics throughout the company and its relationships with suppliers and professionals. We believe that strong stewardship and good governance are essential to the effective operation of our business as a real estate promoter and promoter and are important to our shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.

MB Groupe Canada Chairman, Mr Max Mahi, who is a member of the Board of Directors, oversees the management of our business with a view to maximize shareholder value. Our corporate governance policies, procedures and practices are designed to ensure that our Board of Directors can fulfil its statutory and ethical mandate to oversee the management of our business and affairs in accordance with the highest standards of ethical conduct and in the best interests of all our stakeholders.

We strive to implement governance practices that not only meet, but exceed, regulatory requirements. We are committed to effective and sound corporate governance practices and regularly assess opportunities for improvement.

About us Canada

Our governance strengths include the following:

  • We were among the first to adopt a diversity policy for our Board of Directors. We aim to achieve (almost) 40% of our executives being competent women with equal pay.

  • We follow management remuneration plans that are favourable to the group, that align performance with remuneration and align our executives’ objectives with the long-term interests of the company and its shareholders, while ensuring that we remain competitive in the marketplace, and that we continue to attract, retain and motivate the best talent.

  • The composition of our Board of Directors has evolved to better align with our strategic direction. It now represents a good balance of industry knowledge, diversity, international experience and financial expertise, and includes directors of different ages and seniority, providing the Board with a variety of perspectives and experiences.

This is the kind of work and the kind of tasks of MB Groupe Canada led by Max Mahi, President, as responsible for feasibility, project management, technical and financial management. The professionals of MB Groupe Canada work in the construction project with the professionals chosen for a particular project, in close collaboration with the architects, engineers, chartered accountants and lawyers may include the following:

  • Preparation of project budgets and financial packages for CMHC
  • Preparation of cost estimates
  • Preliminary estimating, planning and cost control
  • Project financial structuring and monitoring
  • Claims management, preparation and defence
  • Life cycle costing
  • Project value analysis
  • Project management and evaluation
  • Construction management and general contractor selection (Management contract)
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Management and administration of legal aspects of construction;
  • All construction estimators are certified
  • Other practice areas such as property management, specification writing, planning
  • Complete preparation of estimates for formal bids
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Management, administration and coordination of all stages and types of construction projects
  • Selection and pre-bid negotiation with subcontractors, suppliers
  • Selection and negotiation of contracts with general contractors
  • Verification of payments to subcontractors and suppliers
  • Estimating and negotiating change orders with professionals (architects, engineers, etc.)
  • Preparation of construction schedules
  • Management and updating of databases
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MB Groupe Canada are experts in surveying, financial arrangements, pricing, state-of-the-art construction methods and technologies and design principles, as well as being well versed in economics and law.

Today, we use the latest computer technology to perform the most complex work of construction cost estimating. Our construction preparation services have proven to be indispensable to real estate promoters, construction contractors, building owners, architects, engineers, public sector agencies and private companies.

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